Tracking Value of Health IT with STEPS to Value

The HIMSS Value STEPSTM framework continues as an effective approach for cataloguing the various positive expressions (value) healthcare providers and provider organizations realize from their use of health IT.

At HIMSS17, the model’s utility will be fully leveraged since every education session speaker has been asked to spend a little time linking their specific presentation to at least one of the value pillars from the STEPS model.

With the wealth of information contained within the HIMSS Value Suite, HIMSS explored and detailed the themes emulating from the value examples contained within the Value Suite database.

For example, the TREATMENT component of the STEPS framework centers on the impact health IT has in the delivery of clinical care. Recognizing that the core functionality of health IT is to support clinical care, it comes as little surprise that Treatment is the most populated section of the Value Suite database, comprised of over 2,300 examples.

Below is one of the word clouds generated for the three provider settings studied:


Find out more about the value of word clouds related to an analysis of the STEPS framework from Lorren Pettit, vice president, health information systems and research, HIMSS North America.


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