Transforming Workflows through Health Information Exchange (HIE)

HIMSS Analytics recognizes Union Hospital of Cecil County for their status as a Stage 7 hospital, as tracked by the Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM) SM

At Union Hospital of Cecil County, keeping up with the latest innovations in health information and technology systems is considered a priority for providing quality care delivery.

Through the implementation of their electronic medical record (EMR), the organization has added features within the systems to improve safety during medication administration to patients. By first scanning the patient and then the medication, the features enable staff to prevent administrative error while also accelerating the care process for patients. The new EMR features also makes possible more streamlined communications with external pharmacies to confirm all medication information is up-to-date.

Additionally, the organization has leveraged their health information exchanges (HIEs) to

• Assist in care planning;

• Provide historical data for case management;

• Enable finding and sharing of information with other facilities;

• Allow for expert consultation to ensure quality care.

The organization’s efforts to embrace health information and technology systems have led to their status as a Stage 7 hospital.

Stage 7 Validation

HIMSS Analytics is proud to recognize Union Hospital of Cecil County for their recent validation as a Stage 7 hospital on the EMRAM℠ (Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model).

“Union Hospital of Cecil County is the only acute care facility in their county. To improve patient care, UHCC leverages their partnership with The Chesapeake Regional Information System for our Patients (CRISP), the local health information exchange (HIE),” stated Philip Bradley, regional director of North America, healthcare advisory services group at HIMSS Analytics. “Their collaboration not only allows providers to share data but also delivers population reporting and comparison with others in the area.”

“Achieving HIMSS Analytics Stage 7 recognition highlights Union Hospital’s commitment to ensuring our staff, providers and patients have access to state-of-the- art digital health equipment, while ensuring results are available to providers through innovative use of our health information exchanges,” said Bonnie Davies, director, health information services and management at Union Hospital of Cecil County. “One of our biggest accomplishments utilizing health information exchanges is the electronic sharing of results and care alerts with participating providers in Maryland and Delaware real-time, eliminating unnecessary delays waiting for faxes or phone calls.”

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