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UNC Health Care System First to Validate at EMRAM Stage 7 with New Criteria

UNC Health Care System First to Validate at EMRAM Stage 7 with New Criteria

HIMSS Analytics recognizes UNC Health Care for their status as a Stage 7 healthcare system as tracked by the Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM)℠

UNC Health Care was recently recognized with EMRAM Stage 7 status – the first organization to achieve this accomplishment under the newly updated HIMSS Analytics criteria.

In a case study provided to HIMSS Analytics, UNC Health Care detailed examples of how they improved patient care through the use of health IT. The organization implemented an “enterprise system selection” project with the goal of finding a partner to host an integrated suite of clinical and financial products that provide coordinated, real-time data for patients, providers and outside parties. At the time, many disparate, disconnected IT systems were in use at each UNC Health Care entity to support functions such as patient care, pharmacy, registration, scheduling and billing. The goal was to utilize this enterprise project so that one universal system held individual information on patient IDs, medication lists, medical billing, etc.

Since the organization’s embrace of health IT systems, over 400,000 patients at UNC Health Care are actively using their patient portals, and an estimated 34 lives were saved between May 2016 and June 2017 as a result of the implementation of decision support tools and real-time reporting – specifically related to patients with increased susceptibility to sepsis.

HIMSS Analytics Stage 7 Validation

HIMSS Analytics is proud to recognize UNC Health Care for their recent validation as a Stage 7 healthcare system, as tracked by the EMRAM.

“UNC drives their clinical excellence based on the EMRAM maturity model. On January 1, 2018 HIMSS Analytics introduced additional requirements to reach Stage 7. UNC was confident in their capabilities and made the necessary adjustments to become the first organization to be validated on the new EMRAM 2018 standards,” said Philip Bradley, regional director, North America, HIMSS Analytics.

“Achieving Stage 7 recognition further reinforces the success our teams have reached in building an information technology infrastructure that enhances the ability of our providers, care teams and staff to care for our patients,” said Tracy Parham, RN, chief information officer, UNC Health Care.


About UNC Health Care System

The UNC Health Care System is an integrated, not-for-profit health care system, owned by the State of North Carolina and based in Chapel Hill.

UNC Health Care is comprised of UNC Hospitals and its provider network, UNC Faculty Physicians, UNC Physicians Network, the clinical patient care programs of the UNC School of Medicine and ten other hospitals and hospital systems across North Carolina: UNC REX Healthcare, Chatham Hospital, Johnston Health, Pardee Hospital, High Point Regional Health, Caldwell Memorial Hospital, Nash Health Care, Wayne UNC Health Care, UNC Lenoir Health Care, and UNC Rockingham Health Care. Learn more about UNC Health Care System here.

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