Update on HIMSS Action Alert

The FY13 Federal Budget Continuing Resolution (CR) passed the Senate Wednesday afternoon, March 20th, by a vote of 73-26 without the Coburn amendment #67 which would have limited federal employee attendance at meetings. The CR authorizes Federal government operations funding through September 30th.  The House has also passed the bill and it has been sent to the President for his signature.

Congratulations and thanks to all HIMSS members who made this engagement with Congress a success. Your expressing your opposition to the Amendment demonstrated the importance of face-to-face communication between government employees and industry including at HIMSS Annual Conference and other similar events.  In addition to all the HIMSS members who responded to our Action Alert this week, HIMSS joined with 350 other associations that signed the American Society of Association Executives’ (ASAE) letter to the Senate opposing the Coburn amendment. This issue has not gone away permanently and may very well surface again, so stay tuned and stay involved. Thank you for your continued support!