VA Launches New Programs

The Veterans Affairs Department has launched a program to train veterans for information technology jobs regardless of era. This pilot Accelerated Learning Program will be set up to expedite employment once training is completed. The program will continue to follow the veteran after initial job placement to monitor employment, changes and advancements. Current locations for the pilot program which will be provided by seven companies and include online and in-classroom instruction include: San Antonio, TX, St. Louis, MO, Seattle, WA and Washington, DC.

The pilot program was developed based on data from the Labor Department which shows continued employer demand for workers with IT skills that typically will require less than six months of training to acquire. Courses being offered are web page development which will include JavaScript and HTML, and for veterans who already have IT skills, there will be programs in cybersecurity.

The training is free for veterans and does not count against GI Bill education benefits. Read the full article.

Additionally, a separate course, Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Introduction to Health Informatics (101), has been developed for Department of Defense employees with a .mil email account. This community college level course offers an overview of the field of Healthcare Information Technology (HIT). Courses include: Overview of Health Informatics, Electronic Health Records and Data, Standards and Exchange, Workflow Analysis and Process Redesign, Usability and Human Factors, Systems Design and Designing for Safety and Effective Training. 

Looking for other educational opportunities within healthIT? Visit the HIMSS Veterans Career Center, Career Assistance & Advancement for information on our CAHIMS and CPHIMS certifications.

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