What are the key population health management capabilities? (Part 2)

This past year, the HIMSS Population Health Task Force has been working on a population health management model and capabilities grid to assist our HIMSS members to decipher the population health capabilities required of each of the various payment models.  The task force has identified three pillars:

  1. Know Your Population;
  2. Optimize Health Status; and
  3. Protect From Harm.

Foundational elements to support most the various value-based care models include:

  1. People & Culture; 
  2. Actionable Analytics & Technology; and
  3. Business Functions.

Like a Rubik’s Cube, the functionality and performance metrics for population health management can be difficult to define, align, and deploy.  The project has been challenging, especially mapping the population health capabilities to the payment schemes.  The payment schemes include the current payment models from CMS, commercial payers, employer-based, and provider owned health plans.  The model would be the fifth dimension to the HIMSS Healthcare Value Suite.  We will be publishing the model and population health capabilities grid for public comments and recommendations in late June 2017.  

The intention is to finalize the population health capabilities by the fall and to develop population health content for the HIMSS Value Suite in FY2018. The HIMSS population health management model will contain a set of resources with content relative to each population health management domains and payments model.  Like a Rubik’s Cube, it will be able to define the population health capabilities required if deploying a specific payment scheme or combination.  These population health management model resources will include domain summaries; sharing of “best practices” via blogs and white papers, ROI templates and examples, sample RFP language, and Lunch n’ Learn sessions, (short 20 minute recorded webinars).  The model will help to develop education resources and pathways for career development. 

I invite any interested HIMSS members to help our Task Force in building the resources that our industry needs to define the population health capabilities that are required for Value-Based Healthcare.

If you are interested in learning more or participating in the development of the HIMSS population health model, contact Joanne Bartley.  

About the author: Michelle is the Co-Chair for the HIMSS CB&I Community’s Population Health Task Force and the Director of Health System Partnerships for the Eastern Region for Syapse, a precision oncology company.