White House Publishes Cancer Moonshot Report

On Monday, October 17, 2016, The White House published a Report of the Cancer Moonshot Task Force outlining strategic goals to accelerate a decade's work of progress against the disease in the next five years. The Cancer Moonshot was announced during President Obama's 2016 State of the Union Address as an initiative to accelerate cancer research and improve ability to detect and treat cancer.

Health IT is cited as a key component and enabler of this initiative—the report highlights the abundance of cancer-related data available (including genomics, family history records, lifestyle measurements, and treatment outcomes) from various sources as well as the supercomputing breakthroughs that provide researchers the ability to analyze enormous, complex, and large amounts of data.  

The Task Force Report resulted from months of discussions by the Task Force and outlines five strategic goals, including: 1) catalyzing new scientific breakthroughs; 2) unleashing the power of data; 3)  accelerating availability of new therapies; 4) strengthening prevention and diagnosis; and 5) improving patient access and care. Activities and accomplishments during year one of the Cancer Moonshot are described for each goal along with a longer-term implementation plan for year two and beyond to serve as a "blueprint" for future administrations.