Making the Mentorship Connection: Women in Health IT Mentor Meetup at the Connected Health Conference


The need for more mentoring opportunities for HIMSS members became increasingly apparent in the 2015 Gender Compensation Survey. Forty-five percent of respondents stated that mentoring was their top desired resource.

In response, HIMSS started Women in Health IT Roundtable Mentor Meetups.

The next Women in Health IT Mentor Meetup will be held on Friday, October 19, at the Connected Health Conference.

During a recent Mentor Meetup, more than 200 women shared their experiences and networked with their peers. “It felt so refreshing to talk with women with the same concerns but from different levels in their careers, locations, and types of roles,” shared Christina Noel, social media coordinator with MEDITECH, who attended the event.

The Women in Health IT Roundtable is taking strides to provide mentoring opportunities to all members, regardless of their level of experience or time in the field. The goal is to improve women’s career trajectory and help make connections. Opportunities are available at face to face events, such as the mentor meetup, and through virtual mediums, such as our collaboration with CSweetener.

Mentoring relationships can take many forms and there are no rules to how many connections can be made. In a recent survey with Women in Health IT Roundtable members, the importance of making connections throughout a career with both mentors and mentees was made clear: 47 percent of respondents stated they are interested in participating in both a mentee and mentor relationship.

Women in Health IT Mentor Meetup at the Connected Health Conference

Friday, October 19 | 11:00 am 12:00 pm ET | Boston, Massachusetts

Meet with influential women in health information and technology to increase your leadership opportunities and expand your knowledge. Engage in thought-provoking conversations that address not only gender-related challenges, but job-specific issues and career planning tips. Network with experienced executives, emerging leaders and peers outside of your organization for diverse and innovative discussions. Receive $200 off the registration cost with discount code 18CHC200.