#WomenInHIT: “Going for the Gold”

We know of the many disparities and challenges that exist for women and more specifically women in Health IT.  I believe the HIMSS Women in Health IT initiative will provide a platform to further advance women and provides the opportunity for me as individual to personally engage in the advancement of Women.

Let me relate my stance to the recent Olympics. Watching the Olympics in Rio and the extraordinary number of record breakers among women was an inspirational experience.  Women Olympians aren’t just breaking records, they are setting a new paradigm for professional success.  Although they are in direct competition with one another, they are openly supportive of each other as well.  Despite an incredible pressure to win, the women Olympians clearly see their success tied to the success of other women.  

I am an avid follower of Fortunes daily email “Broadsheet” which is targeted to women (and would highly recommend).  Beyond the number of women Olympian record breakers, the Broadsheet reported other subtle victories such as increased Airtime for women noted at 58+% vs. from previous Olympic years where men dominated primetime coverage.  Additionally, there were many examples cited of the “SHINE Theory” which is simply the idea of when powerful women help and support women everyone wins! I believe the HIMSS Women in Health IT forum is a great opportunity for all of us to “SHINE” and engage in the advancement of women

Surrounding yourself with the best people doesn’t make you look worse by makes you look better.  People know you by the company you keep.  It is important to associate and identify with women (and men) that are smart and powerful because we need to share a network rather than compete for contacts.  And because it can be tough and challenging out there, YOU want the strongest, happiest, smartest people in your corner, pushing you to take risks, negotiate for money and giving open candid feedback from a place of success and advancement for you and your career.

So women in health IT, “SHINE on and let’s go for the GOLD”!

HIMSS; women in Health IT