Your Social Media Guide to National Health IT Week #NHITweek

NHIT Week Social Media Guide

Michael Gaspar

Year after year, the National Health IT Week celebration evolves in its mission to elevate the awareness of health information technology and its use in providing better care and sustaining better health. During the week, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and countless other social networks pulse with inspiring stories, policymaker activation, insight into the state of health technology and a collective unity in the understanding that technology can enrich our lives. This guide will help you master the social space and ensure you make an impact during National Health IT Week.

Know Your Hashtags

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Tell a Story that Inspires Progress

Stories are powerful – and they matter. Technology can better enable us to care for ourselves and each other: this is a notion worth sharing. And social media is a great place to share it. Read and share personal accounts of how others just like you have been touched by health IT.

Have a story to share? Submit it here or post it on your blog and share it on your favorite social networks using the #IHeartHIT and #NHITweek hashtags.

Activate & Educate Policymakers

Elected officials are instrumental in ensuring that policies are put in place to expand access to and the quality, safety and efficiency of healthcare through the use of IT and management systems. Together we can activate policymakers on the important issues and policy decisions that affect the efficacy of health IT. How?

Follow the National Health IT Week points of engagement when interacting with your state and federal elected officials to educate them on the value of health IT using the #NHITweek, #HITworks, and/or #IHeartHIT hashtags. Write content, share articles, resources, and/or videos to help policymakers see why health IT matters to you. You can engage and follow via the Twitter Lists below:

Engage your Community

There are countless ways to engage your in-person and digital communities during National Health IT Week. No matter how creative you get with your celebrations, social media can help get the word out, maximize the reach of your efforts and capture the experience for you to share with others.

Here are some ideas for how you can participate on social and don’t forget to use these hashtags: #NHITweek, #HITworks, #IHeartHIT

  1. Host a Twitter chat to convene a key group of people to talk about important topics, share stories, and network with like minds
  2. Try out some National Health IT Week-themed baked goods to share with friends, family and colleagues
  3. Share your thought leadership on key health IT topics on your personal or company blog: like Supporting Healthcare Transformation, Expanding Access to High Quality Care, Increasing Economic Opportunity, Making Communities Healthier
  4. Memes are always a winner
  5. Inspire others with your #IHeartHIT story
  6. Post a video to share your vision for healthcare
  7. Host a social or educational event – and tell us about it
  8. Change your social profile image (get your avatar below) to show your support
  9. Do something we’ve never seen before

Be sure to follow our staff on Twitter and our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages so you don’t miss a moment.

Change Your Social Profile Image

Use this #IHeartHIT social media avatar as a conversation piece to talk about the definition, impact and your role in health IT for the betterment of health and healthcare delivery.

Click to expand the image and save in its full size.

Originally published August 26, 2016, updated April 20, 2019