Oklahoma Arthritis Center (OAC), P.C. - Davies Ambulatory Award

Oklahoma Arthritis CenterFounded in 2000 by Craig W. Carson MD, Oklahoma Arthritis Center specializes in patients with Arthritis and related conditions such as lupus, fibromyalgia and osteoporosis. OAC stresses the importance of quality patient care by utilizing technology, innovation and leadership to provide the best service, education, and care possible.

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Throughout the process of choosing an EHR system, the vision of the future became one of the main focuses in deciding what was needed. We wanted a system that could support growth, and would be able to handle integration with all of our ancillary services. By choosing the right system, we hoped that it would provide a conduit that would allow for easier growth in the future. While this meant that we would have to spend a little more upfront, especially when considering interface costs, it also meant a cheaper and streamlined path for growth and daily operations in the future.