Online Journal of Nursing Informatics: Volume 23, Summer 2019

Volume 23, Summer 2019
Online Journal of Nursing Informatics (OJNI) Summer 2019
ISSN # 1089-9758 Indexed in CINAHL © 1996 – 2019

Featuring the work of:

Kaminski, J., Georgsson, M., Powell, K. & Alexander, G., Carroll, W., Sensmeier, J., Androwich, I., Baernholdt, M., Carroll, W., Fields, W., Fong, V., Murphy, J., Omery, A. & Rajwany, N., Kristianto, H., Waluyo, A., Gayatri, D., Cholissodin, I., Adhitama Putra, V., Supriati, L. & Ahsan, A., Ibrahim, S., Donelle, L., Regan, S., Sidani, S.



Do You Want to Publish in OJNI? Here are some tips for Success!
Kaminski, J.

Senior Editor Column

Uses and advantages of eLearning and distance pedagogy in nursing informatics education
Georgsson, M.

Mitigating Barriers to Interoperability in Health Care
Powell, K. & Alexander, G.

Putting the ‘N’ in STEM: A Call for Nurse Data Scientists
Carroll, W.


Demonstrating the Value of Nursing Care Through Use of a Unique Nurse Identifier
Sensmeier, J. & Androwich, I. & Baernholdt, M. & Carroll, M. & Fields, W. & Fong, V. & Murphy, J. & Omery, A. & Rajwany, N.

Student Articles

Exploration of Nurses’ Experience with Using Electronic Documentation Systems in Home Care
Ibrahim, S. & Donelle, L. & Regan, S. & Sidani, S.

Developing Application Software for Detecting and Documenting Diabetic Foot Complications for Use by Nurses
Kristianto, H. & Waluyo A. & Gayatri D. & Cholissodin, I. & Putra, V. & Supriati, L. & Ahsan, A.