Open Door Family Medical Center, Inc. - Davies Community Health Award

Open Door Family Medical Center, Inc.For over 40 years Open Door has grown by leaps and bounds to provide health care to people who experience significant barriers.

Our mission has remained constant since our humble beginnings in the basement of the First Baptist Church in 1972: to provide quality primary health care and human services at affordable prices to the community, particularly low-income, under-served residents and those lacking access to health care.

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Open Door has utilized electronic information tools to systematicallyimprove the care it delivers for more than ten years. Employing a population health approach to define and monitor our target populations, supporting providers with care alerts and clinical decision support at the point-ofcare have been hallmarks of Open Door’s improvement efforts.

From the (free) PECS registry populated by data extracts from our Medical Manager practice management system, to robust use of the eClinicalWorks (eCW) fully integrated system along with a data warehouse solution known as BridgeIT, Open Door has experienced practice transformation that is delivering real value to its providers, patients and the community.