Open Medical Device and Data Integration Platforms to Support the Management of Ebola Care

Over 20 days, culminating in a 3-day hackathon, 20 organizations collaborated to demonstrate medical-technology innovation to improve the care of patients exposed to Ebola virus. They collaborated by using open medical device integration platforms, inter-vendor data sharing, device integration, and remote and closed-loop control to provide capabilities beyond those available today to improve patient care and protect healthcare workers. Demonstrations in the MD PnP lab at the Massachusetts General Hospital included remote control of ventilators, infusion pumps, and monitors, integration of multiple sensors for quarantine monitoring, remote monitoring, and sophisticated data processing and visualization.

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Julian M. Goldman, MD, Director, MGH Medical Device Interoperability Program, Medical Director, Partners HealthCare Biomedical Engineering, Anesthesiologist, Massachusetts General Hospital


  • Suzanne B. Schwartz, MD, MBA, Director Emergency Preparedness/Operations & Medical Countermeasures (EMCM) Office of the Center Director, Center for Devices & Radiological Health, US Food and Drug Administration
  • Matt Quinn, Managing Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Intel Corporation
  • Tracy Rausch, CCE, CEO and Founder, DocBox
  • Lawrence Lynn, DO FCCP, President, Lyntek Medical Technologies
medical, device, innovation, interoperability