Orchard Software Corporate Whitepaper

Structured diagnostic data, discrete and codified, is essential to the future of healthcare. As the Affordable Care Act pushes healthcare organizations towards value-based reimbursement models based on measurable outcomes, the very essence of demonstrating improved outcomes and decreased costs will rely on the use of discrete, codified, structured data.

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Healthcare organizations need the data and analytics necessary to understand the health of their patient population and use that data to better understand how to keep people healthy. The use of structured clinical data and the standards that support it is necessary to enable the development and utilization of population health management, translational research, artificial intelligence, and personalized medicine. Meaningful Use (MU), ICD-10, LOINC® (Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes), and SNOMED CT®(Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine - Clinical Terms)exist to structure and codify healthcare data - data used to monitor and measure outcomes, and to develop future treatment protocols.

analytics, interoperability