Orchard Software: The Value of the Laboratory in the New Healthcare Model

Dan Scully, CEO at Buffalo Medical in New York, calls it "the 50 million dollar question": as healthcare reform necessitates a shift from a fee-for-service reimbursement model to a value-based model, does the laboratory offer enough value in service and speed of results to convince practice administrators that it needs to stay safely ensconsed within the facility?  "Right now," Dan says, "I absolutely see the value of keeping the lab on-site for the service level it provides.  But the question becomes, over time, for that convenient service, can we continue to make that a profitable part of our practice as market forces continue to change?"

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Although tremendous advances have been made in medical science and technology throughout the last decade, the healthcare delivery system in the U.S. has become increasingly fractured and incapable of providing consistent, high-quality care to all Americans.  Despite being able to map the entire human genome, perform robot-assisted surgeries, and monitor blood pressure and cardiac rhythm via smartphone apps, our nation's healthcare delivery system remains grossly inefficient.

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