Partners HealthCare: Redesigning Healthcare Delivery Through Strategic Initiatives

interSystems.gifInteroperability is a foundational investment for integrated delivery networks (IDNs) wanting to derive value from data. At a tactical level, interoperability enables the ability to exchange, normalize, and aggregate data across multiple systems and devices and across organizational boundaries. However, it is at the strategic level that interoperability can advance key HIT initiatives to improve the quality of care and outcomes for individual patients, communities, and populations.

During this webinar, James Noga, Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Partners HealthCare, will discuss the importance of strategic interoperability in addressing organizational business, technology, and clinical challenges. As VP and CIO of one of the country’s leading healthcare systems, Mr. Noga will share his experience with how strategic interoperability enables Partners HealthCare to address both its tactical needs and long-term strategic vision.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • What elevates interoperability from tactical capability to a strategic asset
  • How to use interoperability to help fill informational and functional gaps
  • What role of strategic interoperability can play for your organization in a more complex network of providers, systems, and technologies