Patient Educational Services

Should be targeted, pertinent, and customizable to the individual patient, status, condition(s), and circumstances. Information should be delivered in format that fits patient and caregiver’s learning style (audio, visual, graphic, etc.). Should include information about general health concerns, patient specific health concerns, full disclosure about options and outcomes of various modes of treatment, advanced care planning, and about different care processes (e.g., self-management, group visits, coordinated care, cohort management, use of HIT, and patient focused health technologies).
  • Links to reputable sites for culturally sensitive health related information at the appropriate health literacy level*
  • Availability of shared decision supports
  • Links to information on advanced care planning and health care proxies
  • Links to information about specific programs and aspects of health care transformation
  • Links to information about the value of HIT, HIE and patient consent
  • Links to information about patient-directed health technologies