Patient Engagement: Lessons on Care Coordination from Professional Sports

Individuals with complex or multiple chronic problems typically have a virtual team of health professionals that provide their care.  Players on a successful professional sports teams are responsible for an assigned position on the field, always know the game plan, have studied the scouting report on the other team, and all work towards a common goal:  winning. Unlike a successful sports team, the members of this patient-centered team - including the patient - often do not know one another, do not have a shared care plan, do not have a clearly defined role, and do not have the means to communicate with one another easily.  In this webinar, Dr. Russell Leftwich, Chief Medical Informatics Officer at the Tennessee Office of eHealth Initiatives, will demonstrate sports-inspired care coordination strategies designed to ensure that the team for each patient operates like an NFL team on Sunday, instead of a pick-up game at the park on Saturday.


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