Feliciano (Pele) Yu, MD, FHIMSS
CMIO, Arkansas Children's Hospital


Cassondra (Casey) Walker, MSN, RN-BC, SHIMSS
Clinical Analyst, Cerner Support & Pediatric Optimization
Information Services, Indiana University Health


To serve as the "information hub" for addressing the special interests of pediatric health informatics and technology (PHIT) professionals within HIMSS.


To unify pediatric health informatics and technology (PHIT) professionals within HIMSS and provide *pediatric-specific* input on the major challenges facing the HIT industry, as well as information on recent advances that benefit the pediatric HIT community.


  1. Provide PHIT professionals a focal point for offering input and feedback on HIT issues.
  2. Provide HIMSS with a pediatric-specific perspective that ensures that the special interests of the pediatric SIG are achieved.

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