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TIGER - Education Reform LogoAre you an academic professional, student, adult learner, or clinical educator seeking tools/resources for curriculum and staff development, or to advance your skill set? Then, TIGER can help you!

What is TIGER?

TIGER (Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform) is a grassroots initiative focused on education reform, fostering interprofessional community development and global workforce development. The spirit of TIGER is to maximize the integration of technology and informatics into seamless practice, education and research resource development.

TIGER’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is a one-stop online health information and technology education portal offering eHealth modules and resources to integrate into your curriculum, plus live and on-demand webinars. Learn more about this personalized learning experience in a self-paced format. 

Interview Captures TIGER's Evolution

Former HIMSS President and CEO, Stephen Lieber, CAE, and MissingLogic Co-Founder, Michelle Troseth, MSN, RN, DPNAP, FAAN, discuss the TIGER Initiative: its beginnings, evolution, Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and what the future holds for inter-professionalism. 

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TIGER began as a grassroots initiative in 2006 within the nursing community, with support from over 70 contributing organizations including the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) and HIMSS, two grants from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and a personal endowment. Focused on better preparing the clinical workforce to use technology and informatics to improve the delivery of patient care, TIGER transitioned to HIMSS, effective September 22, 2014 under Clinical Informatics with an interprofessional, interdisciplinary focus.

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TIGER Focused Health Information and Technology in Action Podcasts

Episode #1: An Introduction to TIGER (Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform)

TIGER Pioneers, Marion J. Ball, Ed D, FHIMAA, FCHIME, FACMI, Senior Advisor, Healthcare Informatics, Center for Computational Health , IBM Research, IBM Industry Academy Member, Professor Emerita, Johns Hopkins University and Michelle R. Troseth, MSN, RN, DPNAP, FAANMissingLogic Co-Founder, discuss the TIGER Initiative, and how participation benefits members and the patients that they care for.

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Episode #5: TIGER’s Global Reach

Ursula Hübner, PhD, Professor of Medical and Health Informatics, University AS Osnabrück, International Co-Chair of the TIGER Committee, discusses the Informatics Competency Synthesis Project (ICSP) and how participation in this global initiative benefits members and the patients that they care for.

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The TIGER International Taskforce is in the process of completing an innovative competency synthesis project (ICSP) that highlights recommended core global informatics competencies.

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The purpose of TIGER’s Informatics Definitions document is to provide context to the global interprofessional, interdisciplinary community for consideration when terms are referred to on this landing page, in official documents, and within the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).  We acknowledge that as the field of informatics continues to grow and change, so will the terms defined within this resource. As the field evolves, our intention is to have this resource serve as a helpful tool for those learning about informatics and informatics competencies. The 3.0 version of this document was updated and published in July 2018.

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These TIGER Initiative Reports provide an overview of interprofessional community development and health information and technology education reform.

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