Public Health & HIE Risk Appraisal Tool

Assessing Risks to Project Success and Sustainability

Once potential use cases for health department / HIE projects have been identified, it is time to assess potential risks to project success or to the sustainability of the relationship.

This tool consists of two sets of questions:

  • HIE Service Provider Risk Assessment
  • Health Department Risk Assessment

The goal of this exercise is not to find a zero-risk solution - these do not exist. Rather, the goal is to assess potential risks with three key objectives:

  1. To assess whether some HIE opportunities might have lower risk than others. (For example, exchanging sensitive health information about identified individuals will typically carry higher risk than anonymized or aggregated information.)
  2. To identify risks that could be reduced through planning and/or negotiation.
  3. To assure that the risks of engagement are sufficiently controlled, and that a failure is not likely to be catastrophic to the health department.

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