Quality Measure Development and Endorsement

Keeping the Delicate Quality Measurement Ecosystem in Balance

A session during HIMSS14, (Originally presented on February 23, 2014): This session illustrates the ecosystem through the eyes of its players, and provides the understanding and need to keep all components healthy and functional in cooperative symbiosis.

• Opening Keynote: Government: Vision for Quality Measurement
• Providers: Capturing EHR Enabled Quality Improvement- Decision Support, Measurement, and Reporting
• Implementers: Incorporating Clinical Quality Measurement into Health Information Technology
• Patients: Converting Measurement Reporting to Improved Patient Outcomes
• Measure Developers: The Future of Measure Development
• Closing Keynote: Endorsement and Consensus

HIMSS Recommendations to Policy Makers on the Improvement of the Quality Measurement Ecosystem

Nine consensus recommendations to HHS to optimize the timeframe and process for development and implementation of electronic clinical quality measures.

National Priorities Partnership, (NPP) and the National Quality Strategy

NPP provides annual input to HHS that helps continuously evolve and improve quality strategies to ensure the best and most affordable healthcare for all Americans.

CMS Partnership for Patients

The CMS Partnership for Patients has developed case studies showing how IT can be utilized to make hospital care safer, more reliable and less costly by achienving two goals by the end of 2013:

Goal 1: Making Care Safer - Preventable hospital-acquired conditions are reduced by 40% compared to 2010.
Goal 2: Improving Care Transitions - Readmissions due to preventable complications during a transition from one care setting to another reduced by 20% compared to 2010.

Blogs about Quality

Collaboration Improves Quality Measurement, By Zahid Butt, MD, FACG, Chair, HIMSS Quality Measurement Task Force
Tools for Local Quality Measurement and Reporting, By Karen Knecht, RN, Member, HIMSS NQF Task Force
National Quality Forum Measure Authoring Tool, By Cecilia Backman, CPHQ, MBA, RHIA, Member, HIMSS NQF Task Force
National Quality Forum Quality Data Model, By Cynthia Barton, QFMQ, Senior Measures Informatics Specialist; Laurel Borowski, Clinical Policy American College of Physicians, Associate; Felicia Owens, Quality Insights of Pennsylvania, Coordinator; Keri Christensen, Performance Improvement at American Medical Association, Project Manager  - HIMSS Quality Measurement Task Force