Reimbursement: The Role of Hospital IT Solutions to Support Population and Outcomes-Based Models (Care360)


Healthcare reforms – from transforming the way care is delivered to changing payment and reimbursement methodolog ies – are an inevitable influence o n the immediate and long - term future of hospitals and Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs). How your organiza tion responds to these reforms will be critical to the long - term success of your organization.

Attacks on the traditional fee - for - service model are coming from all sides. Cuts to Medicare and Medicaid and aggressive negotiations from private insurers continue to put a strain on hospital budgets. In this difficult and shifting landscape, many organizations are being forced to transition their payment paradigm. The selection of appropriate I nformation T echnology (IT) tools and a robust infrastructure can help position your organization for wh atever reimbursement model – outcomes - based or population - based – your organization adopt s in the future.