Bruce Steinberg

Managing Director & Head of International

Areas of Expertise

  • International operations
  • Quality, safety, and efficiency of healthcare globally
  • Growth and transformation of innovative business

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Committees/Panel/Association Participation

  • Member of the Council for Beyond Type 1 (Diabetes)
  • Trustee of the Unforgettable Foundation (Dementia). 

Point of View

I’ve lived in Europe since 1989, and now I’ve spent more of my life outside of the United States than inside. I've worked in Europe for both U.S.-based and international companies, always offering an international point of view. For many years, I worked in the media business, and then several years ago I decided to switch to non-profit work. 

My perspective is that of an American who has lived overseas, who has spent time in different education systems and who speaks several languages. Most of my jobs have been international, and therefore my point of view is mostly international. My work at HIMSS benefits from my ability to communicate between America and other countries.

The United States has some of the most advanced medicine in the world. You will find that people from around the world gravitate toward American institutions, clinics and research centers because they know America is all about advancement and technology and improvement. But it can still be difficult to get other countries and governments to look to the United States to improve their own healthcare. So I have the ability to help HIMSS bridge multiple international thought structures and bring them together so we can find common ground.