Natasha Ramontal

Digital Health Strategist

Areas of Expertise

  • Community health and population health
  • Organizational development and strategy
  • EMR/EHR implementation
  • Change management
  • Person-enabled care/patient-centered care
  • Health equity

Recent Press Coverage

Social Media

Committees/Panel/Association Participation

  • American Nurses Association
  • American Nursing Informatics Association
  • American College of Healthcare Executives

Areas of Interest

  • Digital health transformation
  • Digital strategy
  • Clinical outcomes

Points of View

I’m a second-career nurse, and my first career was in international development and international relations. I was involved with global non-profit organizations, governments and community-based organizations, helping them work together to improve economic and social conditions in a number of countries.

I decided to pivot my career to nursing, so I went to nursing school and worked in an emergency department, which I really enjoyed. From there, I wanted to affect people’s lives in a broader way. I was a case manager within a hospital, a case manager outside of a hospital, I taught nurses, I was a home health nurse, and then I made my way to the healthcare information and technology space. I volunteered to be a super user when hospital was transitioning from one EMR to another, and later I was a super user again as another hospital moved from paper to an EMR. I became a consultant, and later I was a clinical systems manager at a large physician group catering to multiple specialties.

My current role as a digital health strategist at HIMSS has been a perfect fit for me. I’m a healthcare advocate, and I believe you need to have data to make informed decisions. I pride myself on basing my critical thinking skills on evidence-based practices and frameworks.

The pandemic has dramatically shifted how people think about healthcare, information and technology. Rates of digital health transformation dramatically increased in terms of shifting to this new world of telehealth and virtual health. They will continue to advance, and healthcare needs to keep up with not only the pace of change, but the pace of adaptation.