Neil Patel

Executive Vice President

Neil Patel is President of Healthbox, a HIMSS innovation company and Executive Vice President of HIMSS. Patel began his career as Senior Consultant with Sg2 LLC, Healthcare Intelligence. With Sg2, Patel supervised a team of consultants to conduct the due diligence of remote intraoperative neuro-monitoring services provided by a private equity group. Through the team’s exceptional work, this enabled Patel to sell a follow-on strategic planning engagement for the newly acquired company. Patel also managed and co-authored publications detailing strategies for new business development and technology adoption in such areas as sleep medicine, robotic surgery, minimally invasive surgery, urogynecology, and remote ICU monitoring.

Through his efforts, Patel transitioned into an externship as Investment Associate with Longitude Capital. At Longitude Capital (LC), Patel developed a robust screening tool used by the LC investment team to evaluate the potential of over 200 early stage healthcare information technology companies. The tool allowed the user to easily weigh quantitative and qualitative criteria, assigning an overall grade to expedite the initial evaluation of companies. Patel worked one-on-one with the CEO of Aptus Endosystems (later acquired by Medtronic 6), advising on strategic direction and use of funds for their Series B raise. He also evaluated product pipeline, developed market assessment, and formulated a long-term strategic plan for LC portfolio company, Velomedix.

Patel then served as Investment Associate with Anavo Global. While there, Patel sourced five potential investments and generated long-term deal flow by forging a relationship between Anavo Global and the Centre for Innovation Incubation Entrepreneurship at the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad, the fund’s first formal University partnership. Patel also took on evaluating investments for the healthcare, education, infrastructure, and energy verticals such as private hospitals in second tier cities, technology-driven private schools, solar-power for rural villages and a female-safety focused taxi company.

Prior to joining Healthbox, Patel served as Engagement Manager with The Chartis Group. He led the CEOs and boards of a market-leading health system and the nation’s third largest oncology group through a series of facilitated discussions on strategy, finance, and operating structure, resulting in the formation of a joint-ventured cancer center. Through directly working with the executive team of the largest pediatric cancer center research hospital in the world, Patel helped develop a national partnership strategy that enabled them to maintain their leading position and to continue to attract top academic talent. He established a three-year strategic and operations improvement plan for three regional community health centers, with the goal of eliminating the need for operating subsidies from their respective parent organizations. Patel was also responsible for creating an expansion strategy for the top-20 community hospitals by assessing gaps in medical staff, evaluating strategic and financial impact of potential practice acquisitions, and formulating strategies to pursue high-value targets.

Patel joined as President of Healthbox in 2015, and successfully led the company through the transition from accelerator to an innovation services organization. Most recently, Patel spearheaded Healthbox’s acquisition by HIMSS in 2018. Patel plays an active role with Healthbox’s consulting and fund management groups. On the consulting side, he has led digital strategy and innovation strategy engagements for several integrated delivery networks. On the fund management side, Patel works closely with Healthbox’s digital health portfolio companies to advise on general management matters, fundraising, and business development.

In addition to his responsibilities at Healthbox, Patel is an Executive Vice President of HIMSS. His responsibilities at the enterprise level includes collaboration with adjacent HIMSS business units (e.g. HIMSS Analytics, Health 2.0) and innovation-related thought leadership.

Outside of his formal career, Patel is a member of the Kellogg Students Association Alumni Relations Team. Patel holds a Bachelor of Science from Johns Hopkins University. Patel also holds a Master of Business Administration from the Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Management. Patel has certifications in Biomedical Engineering as well as Entrepreneurship & Management from Johns Hopkins, as well as certification in Finance, Healthcare Management, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, and International Business from the Kellogg School of Management.