Sumit Nagpal

LumiraDx USA.

Board Member

LumiraDx represents the fifth generation of Sumit Nagpal’s work, which began while working with Steve Jobs and NeXT, Inc. in the early 1990s. From there, he led his first company, Wellogic, to create one of the first longitudinal medical records across major departmental systems in a best-of-breed hospital in Boston.

In 2011, faced with tremendous opportunity and growth with the U.S. Affordable Care Act, he joined hands with a fortune company Alere, Inc. to bring Alere's vision of enabling patients to participate actively in their own care, in collaboration with their care team. Today, he has taken his vision private once again, with the backing of a trio of industry leaders, and is now helping to drive practical interoperability and standards adoption in the European, U.S. and global markets.

From Mr. Nagpal, “While humble in description, my current work will be the game changer to finally get the delivery and affordability of healthcare to each and every inhabitant in the world and where best practices will be boundaryless in scope and delivery. Good compassionate healthcare is a right, not a privilege, and every inhabitant in the world needs the same access and quality. My current work supports this effort. This vision is also supported by my collaboration with Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Inc. one of LumiraDx's clients among many others. Our shared vision is to change the way people are treated for healthcare and its delivery regardless of their socio-economic situation.

“I believe in the mission of HIMSS. I am extremely impressed with the HIMSS North America leadership having watched the leadership transform HIMSS North America nothing short of phenomenal to further greatness helping the masses. I want to use my diverse national and international skill sets acquired through my career thus far (in industry and working with various governmental agencies here and in the world), to help HIMSS North America provide support for all healthcare stakeholders.”