TK Udairam (Ram)

Sheares Healthcare Management

Board Member

TK Udairam (Ram) is the Chief Operating Officer of Sheares Healthcare Management whose mandate is to acquire and develop hospitals and healthcare facilities and operations primarily in Asia, but also in the rest of the world. The mission is to create value by introducing new technology, from information technology to early adoption of new treatment modalities and systems.

He has 39 years of healthcare experience in Singapore with substantial experience in the operation and management of hospitals—ranging from a 2,500-bed psychiatric hospital to an 800-bed acute care hospital.

He was involved in developing and implementing the first computerised hospital administration system in Singapore in 1984 and has been chair of various IT committees in public healthcare, from cluster steering committees to the national telehealth committee. He was also involved in developing and implementing, Medisave, the national medical care savings system.