Ask Corporate Relations

The Corporate Relations Team is here to assist you in leveraging the benefits of your corporate membership.  Each month we’ll use this section to answer a few of your commonly asked questions. You can submit your questions to or contact your Corporate Relations Representative (Gail Arnett, Amenia Bussell or Deborah Caruso) directly.

I’ve forgotten my password for the Member Center. How do I retrieve it?

The password can be sent immediately to you by following the prompts on the home page of the HIMSS Member Center. Click on the link Forgot User Name/ Password?. You will be taken to a screen requesting your last name and email address. Submit the information and you will receive an email with your user name and a temporary password. You can change your password once you have logged into the Member Center.

I received an e-mail from my Corporate Relations Representative about an upcoming webinar. When I look on the HIMSS Calendar of Events, it doesn’t show.

A benefit available to our Diamond and Platinum corporate members is the opportunity to attend the HIMSS Corporate Member Educational Quarterly Webinar Series. HIMSS speakers brief your executives and staff on the latest industry topics, from government relations, certification, privacy and security, and many other issues affecting your business. These Webinars are not listed on the HIMSS Calendar of Events, as they are only available to corporate members at the Diamond and Platinum levels. The Webinars are recorded and are available via the HIMSS Member Center to the complimentary individual members of our Diamond and Platinum member companies.

When will my company be listed as a Corporate Member of the Week in the HIMSS Weekly Insider?

Corporate member companies in good standing are typically listed during the third and ninth month of the membership year. The Corporate Relations Team does reserve the right to adjust listing dates. Prior to your listing, you will receive an email from your Corporate Relations Representative notifying you of the date of your upcoming listing.

How many complimentary individual memberships are provided with our corporate membership?

The number of complimentary individual memberships is based on the corporate membership level: Diamonds–30; Platinum–20; and Gold–10.

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