Healthbox Studio: 10 Promising Startups Selected for 2018 Line-Up

Healthbox Studio: 10 Promising Startups Selected for 2018 Line-Up

Over the years, HIMSS innovation company Healthbox has worked with over 100 startup companies to accelerate entrepreneurial innovation in healthcare. Their dedication has led to the evolution of Healthbox Studio: their annual program for digital health startups and the product of planning and expertise provided by the Healthbox team and their network of healthcare leaders – all in support of the company’s mission to empower the reinvention of healthcare.

Healthbox works with large organizations to develop and support innovation strategies through consulting and fund management services, but the Studio program was established to provide a helping hand to startups in the space. The program is free of charge to all participating companies — a further testament to their commitment to entrepreneurial advancement in healthcare innovation, without strings attached.

Founders and executive team members from the 10 selected companies are invited to participate in a transformative five-day program packed with peer-to-peer collaboration, education, relationship-building activities and opportunities for valuable feedback from seasoned industry partners and stakeholders.

This year’s collection of up-and-coming industry players have a variety of unique focuses, with a shared goal of leveraging digital innovations to improve health. Learn more about the ten promising startups who were selected to participate in this year’s program below.

2018 Healthbox Studio Cohort Participants

Avhana Health
What they’re all about: Delivering interventions within EHRs which empower providers to make better decisions through integrated pre-visit planning tools and more.

What they’re all about: Creating insurance solutions through a web-based platform with real-time dashboards and other tools which streamline workflows through the quoting process.

CoHealth (formerly DashMD)
What they’re all about: Enhancing patient and provider experiences with a care coordination platform which helps patients easily access in-network community support and providers seamlessly collect data for reporting requirements.

What they’re all about: Providing connected care across the galaxy through remote health monitoring for astronauts, delivered through an artificial intelligence (AI) platform built with NASA licensed technology.

What they're all about: Providing real-time monitoring and personalized interventions using an emotion-sensing wristband and a mobile app for individuals that suffer from anxiety and depression.

Image Mover
What they’re all about: Improving imaging connectivity through a platform that allows clinicians to seamlessly upload and share images through health records across the care continuum.

What they’re all about: Empowering employees to take charge of their health through a payment platform simplifying the health expense repayment process with automated, interest-free payroll reductions.

What they’re all about: Improving patient satisfaction through an integrated EHR solution tracking patient admission through algorithms and notifying patients of appointment delays.

Valhalla Healthcare
What they’re all about: Delivering more effective care through a patient-driven AI assistant which automates clinical documentation for providers.

Veta Health
What they’re all about: Delivering personalized care experiences with technology-driven solutions for population health and automated care management under value-based care.

You may not recognize these names today, but after their participation this year’s Healthbox Studio program, one day you just might.

“We are dedicated to supporting entrepreneurial innovation as part of our overall mission to empower the reinvention of healthcare,” said Neil Patel, President at Healthbox and Executive Vice President at HIMSS. “The Healthbox Studio is an opportunity for us to connect emerging startups with healthcare leaders and experts to drive the industry forward.” With such a diverse and interesting lineup, we’re excited to see what lies ahead for the talented group after their participation in the program.


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