HIMSS Launches New HIMSS Insights eBook Series

HIMSS Launches New HIMSS Insights eBook Series

HIMSS is excited to announce the launch of the HIMSS Insights eBook series. The bi-monthly digital journal will cover the latest in health information and technology education and showcase thought leadership occurring across the global health ecosystem. Each deep dive will provide stakeholders with detailed expert insights helping healthcare IT leaders understand current and future trends, as well as best practices that will leave them better prepared to address future challenges and opportunities within their organizational workflows.

The first eBook in the series, Global Lessons on How to Foster a Culture of Innovation, addresses one of the most common challenges in digital health today: innovating for large health systems and organizations. In the spirit of HIMSS’s vision and mission, the eBook emphasizes the importance of ‘and’ in health information and technology; focusing less on technology itself and more on the big picture including implementation, engineering, stakeholder communications, and how collaborative efforts are key to ensuring a future of improved outcomes.

A Look Ahead

The second eBook, Artificial Intelligence Meets Clinical Reality, will be out soon and explores whether there is more to artificial intelligence in medicine than the political hype around it. Future topics that will be featured in the eBook series span across everything from global innovation, connected care, interoperability, digital transformation, and patient empowerment. Explore some topic previews below.

Fostering a Culture of Innovation
Learn more from CIOs who share advice on creating a culture of innovation and emphasize the need to begin with a purpose-driven approach, while ensuring you know your users’ needs. Avoid bright shiny objects and don’t neglect the ‘boring’ back-office.

Brave New World: Collaborations Crossing Borders
Find out about a European Union (EU) project which is proving that it is possible to deliver cross-border collaboration. This installment examines the European Reference Networks for rare diseases and explores how they managed to set up an EU-wide Clinical Patient Management System and succeeded where others have failed.

Helsinki: A Hotspot for Innovation
An ultramodern hospital built for children, showcasing state-of-the-art technology, and built from crowdfunding, and that’s not where it ends. We visited the New Children’s Hospital in Helsinki, Finland, and spoke to Professor Pekka Lahdenne, who specializes in pediatrics, about how cultivating a culture of innovation played a major part in the hospital opening its doors to its first patients recently.

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Global Lessons on How to Foster a Culture of Innovation

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