HIMSS Welcomes Disruptive Women in Health Care to the Organization

HIMSS Welcomes Disruptive Women in Health Care to the Organization

The HIMSS Women in Health IT community includes more than 22,500 members with access to online or in-person educational events and resources


CHICAGO (October 25, 2017) – Building on its successful Women in Health IT initiative, HIMSS welcomes Disruptive Women in Health Care to the organization.

“The HIMSS Women in Health IT and Disruptive Women in Health Care efforts come together for optimal strategic impact,” said Carla Smith, MA, FHIMSS, CNM, executive vice president, HIMSS. Smith explained that with a combined effort, “we will be better positioned to equip professionals with education, mentoring, community, and leadership they need to make smart career and hiring decisions. Then, through a diverse, highly competent work force, we can achieve better health through the best use of information and technology.”

Launched in 2009, Disruptive Women in Health Care, “serve as a platform for provocative ideas, thoughts, and solutions in the health sphere”. The community regularly hosts forums, book discussions, and receptions on timely and often controversial health policy topics to bring together prominent players with different opinions and ideologies.

HIMSS Women in Health IT Initiative

In February 2016, HIMSS introduced its Women in Health IT initiative. HIMSS initiative focuses on building an increasingly diverse and equitable workforce. For example, HIMSS reviewed more than a decade of research on health IT compensation for both men and women with the HIMSS Longitudinal Gender Compensation Assessment. The data indicated that the salary gap between men and women in health IT had widened in the past decade. HIMSS has introduced numerous educational and networking opportunities on and for women in health IT, including a Community and the Most Influential Women in Health IT Awards.



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Disruptive Women in Health Care

Founder of Disruptive Women in Health Care Robin Strongin announced the merging of these influential and dedicated efforts in a recent blog post. “I’m delighted to announce that the highly-respected Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) is acquiring the rights to Disruptive Women. With their commitment, reach, and impressive infrastructure, I am excited to see how they will take our work to the next level.”



The next level for the HIMSS Women in Health IT initiative

HIMSS has multiple resources available for women in health IT or anyone interested in learning more about the community and related activities.

Get involved:

Join the roundtable

Participate in webinars

Stay informed

Connect to value

Recognize visionaries

• Join the conversation via social media using #WomeninHIT


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HIMSS is a global voice, advisor and thought leader of health transformation through health IT with a unique breadth and depth of expertise and capabilities to improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of health, healthcare and care outcomes. HIMSS designs and leverages key data assets, predictive models and tools to advise global leaders, stakeholders and influencers of best practices in health IT, so they have the right information at the point of decision. HIMSS drives innovative, forward thinking around best uses of technology in support of better connected care, improved population health and low cost of care. HIMSS is a not-for-profit, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with additional offices in North America, Europe, United Kingdom and Asia.



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