King Fahd Military Medical Complex Achieves Stage 6 EMRAM

King Fahd Military Medical Complex Achieves Stage 6 EMRAM

On October 8, HIMSS Analytics announced King Fahd Military Medical Complex (KFMMC) achieved the HIMSS Analytics Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM℠) Stage 6, an international benchmark for the use of advanced IT to improve patient care.

KFMMC is one of the most modern medical institutions among the Armed Forces Medical Service Hospitals in Saudi Arabia. Established in 1987, the 335 bed tertiary hospital provides quality healthcare to military and other eligible members.

In their achievement of Stage 7, the hospital found success in their implementation of the KFMMC Hospital Information System (HIS), a modern solution that enables medical facilities to overcome the biggest challenges in healthcare through achieving operational efficiencies, driving the healthcare provider community’s adoption of electronic medical record (EMR) technologies, and delivering superior patient care. KFMMC HIS is a web-based, integrated, scalable multi-facility platform, configured to meet all the information and communication needs of administrative, operational and clinical departments.

Watch Meshari Alwazae, PhD, manager of data and information management for King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, explain how the hospital achieved Stage 6 of the HIMSS Analytics adoption model, the first to earn this achievement outside of North America with HIMSSTV.

“Being recognized as a HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Stage 6 hospital is an honor and a great achievement,” said Dr. Mustafa Qurban, MDICT, Director of the King Fahd Military Medical Complex. “The KFMMC Hospital Information System (HIS) is an in-house built modern solution that enables KFMMC to provide easy access to EMRs. E-HIT is a web-based integrated solution that connects all medical staff and administration to a single database. We now look forward to pursuing Stage 7 recognition in the near future.”

“The King Fahd Military Medical Complex hospital is progressing towards a paperless EMR environment,” said John H. Daniels, CNM, FACHE, FHIMSS, CPHIMS, Global Vice President, HIMSS Analytics. “Their efforts reflect a continued commitment to using information and technology to drive care improvements.”

The King Fahd Military Medical Complex hospital will be recognized at the HIMSS Saudi Arabia Conference and Exhibition, on Wednesday 10 October 2018 in Riyadh, KSA. Learn more about HIMSS Analytics Middle East.

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