Precision Medicine, Analytics Maturity Models & Value-Based Care Conversations at Big Data & Healthcare Analytics Forum

Precision Medicine, Analytics Maturity Models & Value-Based Care Conversations at Big Data & Healthcare Analytics Forum

In order for healthcare organizations to withstand the winds of constant change in healthcare, making strategic decisions with data and analytics is paramount for success. At the HIMSS Big Data & Healthcare Analytics Forum, innovators, healthcare IT and clinical professionals will come together to share how they are doing so by aligning resources, operationalizing data strategies and driving innovation to improve care delivery through data and analytics.

It’s time to empower your organization with the right knowledge, strategies, tools and governance needed to adapt to the quickly-changing healthcare climate. Here are three different conversations that will take place during the forum.

Adjusting to Value-Based Care

The move to value-based care payment systems can present healthcare organizations with significant financial challenges without a strategic plan in place to manage their data and analytics for successful outcomes. With healthcare leaders now having an added responsibility of overseeing optimal quality and cost in this new paradigm, understanding governance infrastructure is key to effective decision-making.

David Bordewyk, national director, performance analytics, IBM, will share his expertise on this matter in a session focused on exploring ways to effectively manage endless data streams, information technology investments, and the integration of tools into existing technologies. Attendees will leave equipped with a better understanding of the building blocks and statistical power of data and analytics when managed effectively.

Managing Maturity Models for Success

What does it take to become a truly data-driven organization? Jason Burke, system vice president and analytics officer at UNC Health Care & School of Medicine (UNC), will share insights on how he led his organization to achieve the highest level of the HIMSS Analytics Stage 7 Adoption Model for Analytics Maturity (AMAM) – one of the two organizations who have achieved this new validation introduced by HIMSS in early 2018.

Burke will share his findings from UNC’s journey to becoming a competitive, data-driven healthcare organization: why viewing analytics as an asset rather than a project is key, what the widespread adoption of data visualization looks like and more. He’ll be joined by Philip Bradley, regional director, North America, HIMSS Analytics, who will address key stumbling blocks along the road to analytics maturity and how to stay on your path to improving healthcare.

Progress in Precision Medicine

Precision medicine is an area filled with promise to improve the future of health. We’ve already reached a point where abnormalities in genes can be edited out to eliminate possibility of major disease, which is nothing short of incredible.

But do today’s electronic health records (EHRs) have the potential to harness this innovative power? Not yet, according to Sam Hanna, associate dean of graduate and professional studies at American University in Washington DC. “They were not architected to do so and were more focused on items such as family history and drug interactions,” he said. With this in mind, it’s imperative that precision medicine pioneers team up with providers and EHR developers to determine the key business, technology and data requirements that will keep us headed in the right direction.

The Big Data & Healthcare Analytics Forum will offer intimate networking experiences and provide the knowledge needed to keep these conversations and innovations moving forward toward future of personalized care. Register today to keep your organization on track towards the future of health.


Boston, Massachusetts | October 22-23

Discover how data and analytics can strengthen your population health efforts at the Big Data & Healthcare Analytics Forum.

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