HIMSS Clinical Informatics Insights

HIMSS Clinical Informatics Insights is a provider's source for timely and comprehensive articles on effective integration of informatics across the continuum of care. Published monthly, this complimentary e-newsletter highlights improvements in clinical quality and support of health IT practices, policies and tools.

Features include:

  • Guest editorials that address hot industry topics
  • Informaticist profiles that describe a clinician's role in IT planning, implementation, on-going management, evaluation and outcomes
  • Practical tools and resources

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December - Clinical Informatics Insights Digest: Volume 3

November - Informatics is not just for Informaticans

October - Anniversary Issue: Meet Our Editorial Team

September - Innovations, Strategies & Technologies

August - Healthcare In The Virtual World

July - Improving Patient Safety with RPM, Apps & Wearables

June - Turning the Tides on Alarms
May - Impact of Informatics on People (US Lens)
April - Digest: Volume 2
March - Global Impact of Informatics on People
February - True Data Exchange

January - Small Things, Big Impact


December - HIMSS15 Sneak Peek

November - Security & Informatics

October - Anniversary Issue: Technology Breakthroughs

September - Evolution of Clinical Education

August - Evolution of the Informatics Professional

July - Informatics Impacting and Transforming Communities
June - Career Profiles
May - Clinical Informatics Digest
April - The Conversation Doesn't End

March - Dealing with Downtime Part II
February - Dealing with Downtime
January - Getting the Value out of Health IT


December - HIMSS14 Sneak Peek

November - HIT Unintended Outcomes

October - We've Come A Long Way

September - Continuity of Care – The National Perspective

August - Continuity of Care – The International Perspective

July - Quality and Patient Safety

June - Simulation in Informatics Education and Health IT Testing

May - Mitigating Legal Risks

April - Learning Healthcare System

March - Patient Engagement (Part 2)

February - Patient Engagement (Part 1)

January - HIMSS13 Sneak Peek


December - Accountable Care Organizations

November - Career Profiles of Informaticists

October - Project Management (3-Year Anniversary Issue)

September - How Informatics Can Influence Public Policy

August - Patient Safety

July - Clinical Informatics Education in the Classroom and Beyond

June - Exploring IT & Clinical Informatics Governance Models

May - Building Blocks for a Health IT Sustainability Roadmap

April - The Ins and Outs of System Optimization

March - HIMSS12 Round Up

February - mHealth—Opportunities Abound - part 2

January - mHealth—Opportunities Abound - part 1