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Accelerating Biosafety Technology Indoors


On a special edition of the Accelerate Health podcast, we continue our series of spotlights on unique digital health startups that are changing the face of healthcare. Each of these companies were also featured at the hybrid event for HIMSS Global Conference and Exhibition in Las Vegas.

Healthcare systems are always mindful of the need to protect against the spread of infectious diseases. While it was always important to take steps to ensure a sanitized environment, the COVID-19 pandemic caused everyone to review and improve their processes.

This week, we speak to Eli Harris, co-founder and president of R-Zero. He discusses the foundation of his biosafety technology company dedicated to making indoor spaces safer, healthier and more productive. He explains how their technology helps to reduce the spread of all infectious diseases while simplifying the processes and reporting that goes with it. Harris shares how this innovation grew out of a need to modernize the sanitizing practices of businesses when COVID-19 first emerged and how the need for easy. He believes efficient sanitizing has become the new normal for all industries moving forward.

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