Advancing and Aligning an Analytics Strategy Webinar

After demonstrating that providing the best patient care is their top priority, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) in Toronto achieved Stage 6 of the HIMSS Adoption Model for Analytics Maturity. CAMH’s utilized data to inform decision-making in a way that optimized quality and efficient service delivery.

In their analytics implementation, CAMH used data to develop a new dashboard and bed-projection model to better understand inpatient capacity and flow when their emergency department (ED) was experiencing a 52% increase in visits over a five year period. This model helped inform CAMH’s decision to open a new 23-bed acute care inpatient unit to help relieve the ED. “Achieving HIMSS AMAM Stage 6 not only demonstrates CAMH’s leadership in effectively using analytics, but also shines a light on further possibilities to continue to use data to advance results and enhance patient experiences,” says Rachel Solomon, executive director, performance improvement, CAMH.

This on-demand webinar provides an overview of the AMAM as well as highlights CAMH’s successes. James Gaston, senior director, Healthcare Advisory Services Group with HIMSS introduces the model and then turns it over to Tracey MacArthur, senior vice president and chief clinical officer, CAMH Toronto, who guided viewers through the CAMH analytics strategy.

Learning Points:

  • Learn about the Adoption Model for Analytics Maturity, or AMAM, and how it can benefit your organization
  • Understand the opportunities the model presents to healthcare organizations globally
  • Discover the ways CAMH is utilizing the model for improved clinical, operational and financial processes and efficiencies