Blockchain in Practice

In an effort to cut through the noise about blockchain technology’s potential application to healthcare, HIMSS has launched a new series within our HIMSS Blockchain Task Force called, “Lightning Rounds”. This series aims to highlight real work that leverages this kind of technology as a component of a solution that addresses a clear use case or problem and brings clear practice to the healthcare ecosystem. The videos provide quick 10-minute downloads on real-world efforts that are underway that are aligned within the healthcare domain.

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2019 Presentations

Democratizing Health Data | November 2019
This solution empowers patients with control of their health data to grant access to providers at the point of care.

Tokenizing the Genome | May 2019
Learn how the use of blockchain technology increases the availability of data for basic science and rewards customers.
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Improving Medical Device Safety and Quality Using DLT/Blockchain | April 2019
Hear how blockchain supports supply chain processes by providing access to traceable, verifiable, tamper-evident records across a medical device's lifecycle.

Streamlining Processes and Adding Transparency to Revenue Cycle Management | March 2019
This solution highlights how blockchain and machine learning can be applied to simplify and automate large portions of revenue cycle operations. 
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Trusted Data Sharing for Global Life Sciences | February 2019
Learn about a solution that works to capture, track and share data across value chains in the life sciences industry.

Solutions to Decrease Cost and Improve Care, Globally | January 2019
Explore a tool leveraging blockchain and other technologies to support providers with insurance reimbursement in value-based programs.