C-CDA Rendering Tool: A Demonstration of New Features

The Health Story Project invites you to watch this two-part video series with Backbeach Software's Bryn Lewis, PhD, the winner of the 2016 HL7/ONC C-CDA Rendering Tool Challenge, who created a tool to address physician needs for displaying C-CDA documents in a user-friendly format. In Part 1 of this series, Dr. Lewis demonstrates the functions of his C-CDA viewer and Health Story Project participants suggest ideas to expand the Viewer’s functions to benefit not only clinicians, but also patients, payers, health information management systems professionals, researchers, and analysts. In Part 2 of the series, Dr. Lewis shares expanded features in this award-winning solution to demonstrate added value for this broad range of stakeholders.

We invite you to experience the powerful information visualization capabilities of the C-CDA Viewer featured in this video series. The video below features both parts of these sessions, and provides a walk-through of the original tool and showcases the new CDA rendering features available as a result of Health Story Project feedback. We encourage you to consider how using this open source C-CDA Viewer tool could benefit your organization.

Download the Backbeach Software C-CDA Viewer