Professional Development

Career Advancement Webinar

What does the term career advancement mean to you as an individual? This term has been used to describe aspirations of a general audience but needs to be applied to the individual. Understanding your personal drivers and finding the right type of career position that is a fit for you is very important. This on-demand webinar will take you through a thought process to better help you identify your strengths and learn how to position yourself in the market through a timeline of activity. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the ideal role you see for yourself
  • Identify the type of organization you prefer to work for
  • Describe education, certification, training needed to establish personal credibility
  • Sketch a realistic roadmap and timeline
  • Locate mentors/resources to assist you in professional development


William (Bill) F. Wilson Jr., MBA, Executive Director Strategic Initiatives, Stanford Children's Health

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