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Champions of Health Defined in 280 Characters or Less

Champions of Health Defined in 280 Characters or Less

We asked champions of health to define what it means to be a champion of health. Here's what they had to say—in 280 characters or less.

Being a champion of health means leading the change management necessary within health systems to impart change both internally and externally within the healthcare eco-system. It means being the voice for those who most need access to high quality healthcare.

– Hal Wolf, president and chief executive officer, HIMSS

Being a health champion means being willing to share experiences of what works and where others are making progress, being passionate about our mission to deliver better care through data and technology and supporting members through their digital journeys over the long term.

– Charles Alessi, MD, LRCP, MRCS, chief clinical officer, HIMSS International

Being a champion of health means leaving ego at the door and doing whatever is needed to advance your vision of what healthcare should be. It means leading by example through your embrace of change – recognizing that it is hard, but it is necessary, now more than ever.

– Neil Patel, president, Healthbox, a HIMSS Innovation Company; executive vice president, HIMSS

A champion of health identifies gaps and inefficiencies that come in the way of delivering a higher quality of care at a lower cost and addresses them to drive measurable impact!

– Andy De, senior global industry director, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Tableau Software; a HIMSS social media ambassador

Supporting and including anyone and everyone working to improve healthcare, whether it's front-line care delivery, back-office process improvement, patient advocacy, or bold leadership.

– Brian Eastwood, content strategist, RiviveHealth; a HIMSS social media ambassador

From patient to CEO, somebody who is able to understand the problems and challenges of all stakeholders.

– Sean Erreger, LCSW, social worker, adjunct instructor, trainer and blogger; a HIMSS social media ambassador

Dispelling myths, finding and sharing hard truths, connecting participants, and cutting to the core of matters are how to join #ChampionsOfHealth. Passivity not allowed. #HIMSS19

– Matthew Fisher, Esq., Mirick O’Connell; a HIMSS social media ambassador

Champions make eye contact, listen, take a breath and check their provisions before sallying forth to slay dragons.

– David Harlow, principal, The Harlow Group LLC; publisher, HealthBlawg; a HIMSS social media ambassador

To be a champ in healthcare you have got to have resilience, fortitude and mental strength. It's a long quest with many twists and turns, not a single battle.

– Colin Hung, chief medical officer and editor,; a HIMSS social media ambassador

Being a Champion of Health requires a holistic perspective that values the collaborative contributions of each diverse stakeholder to achieve the highest possible quality of life for all.

– Brian Mack, marketing manager, Great Lakes Health Connect; a HIMSS social media ambassador

Open, honest & real. #ChampionsOfHealth know how to get real and take an objective approach to transforming healthcare. They are big dreamers who internalize past lessons but leave the past in the past. They welcome input from all sources on the journey to better. #HIMSS19

– Geeta Nayyar, MD, MBA, chief healthcare & innovation officer, Femwell Group Health and TopLine MD Health Alliance; a HIMSS social media ambassador

Ideal #ChampionsOfHealth in 2019 know that Everyday People create health largely outside of healthcare providers' offices. Health IT goes only so far without fierce attention to patients & health consumers values & needs SDOH #IHeartHIT #Engage4Health #HIMSS19

– Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, MA (Econ.), MHSA and THINK-Health, Health Populi blog; a HIMSS social media ambassador

Honesty, Hard Work and Humility drive #ChampionsOfHealth to heal patient's lives. A Champion knows themselves and uses their strengths. They improve access and enable equity. My super power is tenacity.

– Janae Sharp, founder, Sharp Index; a HIMSS social media ambassador

#ChampionsOfHealth are tacticians to help you at your lowest moment and stand by you at your highest. The qualities of a champion are to see what is not obvious and driven to learn. The ability to see beyond the surface and care for the whole person in a holistic way. #HIMSS19

– Danielle Siarri, MSN, RN, lead publisher, InnoNurse; a HIMSS social media ambassador

A champion of health is one that can challenge the status quo with the patient in mind to solve hairy healthcare problems. They have a good understanding of the healthcare landscape but are not bound by conventions.

– Tamara StClaire, PhD, digital health advisor, 2Morrow, Inc.; a HIMSS social media ambassador

A champion of health is a voice for those without a voice. Being a champion of health takes many forms. We champion causes through real life passion and purpose. We speak the truth like most champions. And we never give up the fight for quality and justice for all.

– Linda Stotsky, chief content creator, Authentic Marketing; a HIMSS social media ambassador

The enthusiastic, ambitious and resourceful individuals motivated by personal experiences with the healthcare system are true #ChampionsOfHealth. They are the patients, the parents and the loved ones who dare to take an unconventional approach to fixing a static system. #HIMSS19

– Max Stroud, MSW, CPHIMS; a HIMSS social media ambassador

An industrial engineer who went to medical school, my ideal superhero champion of health is WorkflowKid! WorkflowKid takes for granted tech we adult HIT folk try to understand & imagines worlds of wonderfully magical healthcare workflows! #ChampionsOfHealth #HIMSS19

– Chuck Webster, MD, MSIE, MSIS; a HIMSS social media ambassador

Championing for healthcare for the forgotten millions who are desperate for affordable, readily available and easily understood health services

– Nick van Terheyden, MD, founder and chief executive officer, Incremental Healthcare; a HIMSS social media ambassador

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Originally published January 14, 2019