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Children's Hospital Colorado | HIMSS Davies Enterprise Award

Children’s Hospital Colorado was named a 2018 HIMSS Davies Enterprise Award recipient for leveraging the value of health information and technology to improve outcomes, as evidenced in three use case submissions below. Topics covered include streamlining bronchiolitis care through reduced treatment and testing, improving appendicitis care delivery and enhancing complex medical care treatment which led to the hospital's achievement of the Triple Aim.

Case Studies

1. Reducing Unnecessary Testing and Treatment in Bronchiolitis

Children’s Hospital Colorado observed up to 40 percent of patients do not get effective treatment for bronchiolitis, a leading cause of infant hospitalization. In order to address this, Children’s Hospital Colorado put together a multidisciplinary team to reduce unnecessary treatment and testing for bronchiolitis with a real-time dashboard modified in the EHR, which led to significant improvements in care.

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2. Improving Care of Patients with Suspected Appendicitis

Children's Hospital Colorado worked to address high CT scan rates for appendicitis screenings by bringing together a multidisciplinary team which designed a near real-time dashboard, performed extensive data mapping and assessed and revised clinical care pathways. In addition, they modified order sets and other EHR tools to improve communications and establish governance among staff, like requiring permissions to order CT scans following surgical team approval. Results showed an impressive decrease in unnecessary CT scan orders.

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3. Achieving the Triple Aim for Children with Medical Complexity

Care for medically complex patients is often costly, disjointed and confusing for families to navigate. To address these issues, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services provided a grant to ten children’s hospitals with the goal to improve health outcomes for kids with medical complexity. To accomplish this, Children’s Hospital Colorado brought together a multidisciplinary team that integrated patient registries with the EHR as well as the care team list. This improved communications through the EHR, increased patient satisfaction, reduced emergency department visits, and decreased costs. The results of this project led to the hospital’s achievement of the Triple Aim.

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