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CRM Solutions in Elder Care Case Study

Patients and providers benefit from CRM solutions

The Maplewood is a family-owned, 74-bed long-term care private nursing facility located in Webster, New York, and recently implemented a customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Originally opened in 1947, The Maplewood was created and continues to thrive as a family-focused, loving and caring environment that also meets the clinical needs of its elderly residents. While the nation was swept along by government intervention through increasing regulation by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the Maplewood decided to forge a different path. With each change to Medicare and Medicaid, the Maplewood doubled down on serving the needs of individuals and their families instead of following a bureaucratic, impersonal, and institutional approach to elder care and thought they could benefit from a CRM solution.

Gary Sacco, Activity Director, and Lori Porte,Volunteer Coordinator and Program Assistant, with the Maplewood were interviewed for this case study and share their experiences with implementing and leveraging a the CRM solution to inform a number of activities within their organization. The team is now able to schedule activities focused on their residents’ specific desires, take a proactive approach to personalizing family and/or volunteer visits that help overcome loneliness, measure and analyze behaviors and interpersonal relationships, and engage family members through regular, flexible two-way communication.

The Maplewood is leveraging their CRM solution to support their objective of improving the quality of life for their residents and engaging and communicating with their families to build strong and lasting relationships.

Originally published September 25, 2019