Cybersecurity and Privacy

Cybersecurity in Healthcare: Securing Networks and Preventing Attack

Privacy and security are two of the biggest challenges facing healthcare in the U.S. and around the world. Israel has the most advanced cybersecurity industry and expertise on the planet and has developed approaches and solutions to help keep healthcare safe. Hear how their best practices can be applied.

The HIMSS NY Chapter, the NY-Israel Chamber of Commerce, the Government of Israel Economic Mission and the Israel Export Institute partnered to host a webinar to help providers in New York and beyond learn how they can heighten their cybersecurity capabilities.

Learning Objectives

  • Preventing and addressing ransomware attacks
  • Securing networks from IoT and IoMT devices, modalities, etc.
  • Preventing breaches associated with mobile and home technology

Included are perspectives on the security challenges facing hospitals and health systems from CISOs in Israel and New York, proposed frameworks from the Cybersecurity Directorate of the Government of Israel and solutions from leading vendors.


  • Opening remarks
  • Panel – Overview of the Challenges facing Providers in the US and Israel
    Al Kinel, President of Strategic Interests
    Anat Katz, Israel Economic Minister of North America
  • Best Practices from Israel – Addressing Cybersecurity Challenges Facing Healthcare
    Kathy Hughes, CISO of Northwell
    CISO from an Israeli Hospital
  • Mitigating challenges: Innovative Israeli Cybersecurity companies – knowledge sharing and use cases
    Eliav Noori, Head of INCB Guidance Department - Israel’s Cyber Directorate
    Cybersecurity Resources available from Israel – Israel Economic Mission / Israel Export Institute
  • Closing remarks

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