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Duke Health | HIMSS Davies Enterprise Award

Duke Health was named a 2018 HIMSS Davies Enterprise Award recipient for leveraging the value of health information and technology to improve outcomes, as evidenced in three use case submissions below. Topics covered include the implementation of a standardized patient care process that improved surgical outcomes, an optical character recognition integrated EHR tool that improved data capture, and a care redesign program that reduced readmissions and costs.

Case Studies

1. Improved Surgical Outcomes

Duke Health implemented a standardized patient care process for patients with removal of part of their large intestines call Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS). The ERAS protocol improved how patients were physically managed before, during and after surgery. This protocol process has been extended to nine other surgical procedures – from prostatectomies to nephrectomies, where similar decreases in readmission rates and complications have also been seen.

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2. Optical Character Recognition

Duke Health’s Optical Character Recognition tool enables computers to read images like faxes to capture outside lab result data discretely into the EHR. Use of this tool has led to 25 percent time savings in outside lab data capture, as well as improved accuracy of data.

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3. Care Redesign Program

Duke Health’s Care Redesign Program (spanning across five years and 17 related initiatives) focused on tightening clinical integration of the EHR with operational processes, leading to significant savings for patient hospital days, readmissions and overall cost savings of more than three million annually.

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