Episode #16: How Security Impacts the Patient Experience

Commitment is critical to a successful security program, and that commitment isn’t just to the technology and processes. The human component is especially important, whether you want your customers to have confidence in your organization’s ability to protect their data, or whether you need to persuade the C-Suite that the benefits of a solid security plan outweigh the costs. 

Is there a relationship between security and the patient experience? Do patients and their families notice security issues when they’re in contact with our clinicians and staff? Does it matter? Welcome to Code Red, the HIMSS’ podcast on information security in healthcare. Our guest on this episode is Dan Dodson, President of Fortified Health Security. Dan and I had a chance to sit down at the HIMSS global conference in Las Vegas to discuss how to better manage the way security is perceived by customers and staff. In this conversation, we also discuss the tricky area of demonstrating ROI on security. 


This Episode’s Guest
Dan L. Dodson, MBA


Fortified Health Security

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