Episode #17: Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, and Security

January 29, 2019 | Code Red: HIMSS' Cybersecurity Podcast, Episode #18 | Duration: 17:21
Episode #17: Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, and Security

Artificial intelligence (or AI) is a hot topic again and we wanted to have a conversation about its use in healthcare, and what are some of the ethical implications of that. If we’re going to use AI for decision support, whether for clinical or security applications, there are questions we need to ask. And we should probably ask those questions before we get too far down the road to AI nirvana. 

Our guest today is Mike Lyons, Director of Product Development at FairWarning. As you’ll hear in our discussion, the questions are layered, create more questions, and force us to think more deeply about our relationship with technology. Mike addresses promise vs. reality, expectations, decision making, values, the role of vendors, and ethics by design. 

This Episode’s Guest
Mike Lyons

Director, Product Development


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