Episode #46: What's Your Favorite Technology & What's its Impact on our Culture?

December 26, 2017 | STEPS to Value Podcast, Episode #58 | Duration: 14:59
Episode #46: What's Your Favorite Technology & What's its Impact on our Culture?

The citizens of the 21st century have become used to all the comforts provided by modern technology. Some of us are so reliant on our gadgets we would quite literally be lost without them (For example GPS apps on our smartphones). It is easy to take technology for granted. We don’t often think of which tools we, as individuals and as a society, appreciate the most, and how they have affected our way of life. 
For two years on STEPS to Value, we’ve been asking our guests the question, “What is your favorite technological invention, and what is its impact on culture?” In this special, year-end episode, we are sharing with you a sample of the wide range of answers we’ve received, to demonstrate the variety of things that are considered to be technology, and why they are important.


Podcast Episode Reference list: 

1.    Episode 26, “Clinical Analytics & the Power of Perspective,” Ruben Amarasingham, founder and CEO of Pieces Technology LLC., internet
2.    Episode 38, “Valuing Innovation: A Blockchain Primer,” Fletcher McCraw, senior consultant, Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, Cognizant, Wifi
3.    Episode 42, “The Value of the Client in the C-Suite, part 2,” Carina Edwards, senior vice president, customer experience, Imprivata, Bluetooth
4.    Episode 36, “Driving Health IT Value Across the Globe,” Rachelle Blake, PA, MHA, president and CEO, Omni Micro and Omni Med Solutions, integrated health app on the iPhone
5.    Episode 19, “Innovation, UX & Health Care vs. Healthcare,” Jacob Reider, MD, cofounder of RS Partners, and former deputy national coordinator for health information technology for Health and Human Services, Amazon Echo
6.    Episode 45, “How to Shift a Healthcare Culture to Value Holistic Care, ” Brenda Wolf, president and CEO, La Rabida Children’s Hospital, Kindle
7.    Episode 27, “Honoring Humanity During Technological Change,” Dr. Ferdinand Velasco, eyeglasses
8.    Episode 24, “The Value of Health IT Policy,” Dr. Karen DeSalvo, former Assistant Secretary and the former National Coordinator for Health Information Technology in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, flushing toilet
9.    Episode 37, “How CHOC Drives Value Through an Optimization Focused Culture,” James Cappon, MD, chief quality officer, CHOC Children’s Hospital, Hubble space telescope.
10.    Episode 21, “The Value of ‘People’ vs. ‘Patients’; Understanding Long-Term, Post-Acute Care (LTPAC),” Chuck Czarnik, Vice President, Strategic Planning, Brookdale Senior Living, communication