Episode #48: Designing Relevant Touchpoints on the Patient Journey

February 21, 2018 | STEPS to Value Podcast, Episode #60
Episode #48: Designing Relevant Touchpoints on the Patient Journey

What does your org call the people that walk through the door of your facility?  Do you call them patients? Customers? Maybe consumers?  Does your organization know why it uses that term?  Let’s say you wanted to improve their experience.  Where would you start?  Where does their relationship with you start and where does it end?  Does your organization take an empathetic approach to this question?  


Welcome to STEPS to Value, the people, process technology podcast from HIMSS.  In this episode, we did into these and other questions with Sanjay Shah, Director of Strategic Innovation at Dignity Health.  Sanjay shares his insights on the patient journey, the cultural touchpoints that communicate your organization’s view of the patient, identifying your friction points, and how all of that translates to the digital realm.

So what's on your digital doorstep?  A welcome mat?  Or a sign that say's keep out?


This Episode’s Guest:

Sanjay Shah, MBA
Director, Strategic Innovation

Dignity Health

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